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Stay healthy. Stay safe.


Whether it’s an environmental, health, or social risk, WorkerSafety Pro provides the most comprehensive and customizable solution for the iPhone and Apple Watch today.

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Automatically notify emergency contacts according to safety protocols

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Safety dashboard enables centralized monitoring, provisioning and response

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Advanced detection that proactively prevents false alarms

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Daily start-up reminders ensure worker protection

  • Designed for individuals and teams large and small
  • Supports a safer and more productive workplace
  • Enhances existing safety protocols and best practices
  • Trusted by energy, aerospace, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, medical, service trades and other skilled professionals whose jobs put them at risk

Emergency Check-Ins, Scheduled Check-Ins, Worker Down, Fall Detection, and Panic Button​

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FallSafety health & safety solutions help protect people at work

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Easy To use

Individuals or a safety administrator can setup one or hundreds of accounts in just minutes. WorkerSafety Pro runs effortlessly in the background, sipping resources while remaining alert for emergencies.​

Multiple safety protocols

WorkerSafety Pro is our full featured product with scheduled check-ins, emergency check-ins, worker-down detection, fall detection, and a panic button for requesting immediate help.


Your organization or personal emergency contacts are notified after a countdown allowing you to control the alarm and notifications. With WorkerSafety Pro, you are in control.

10-Day Free Trial

Go ahead, try WorkerSafety Pro yourself or with your team for 10 full days. Test all of the features under actual conditions and begin to experience for yourself the benefits of reduced risk.


Group 5
Send for Help button

Use the built-in panic button to send for help to your emergency contacts anytime help is needed.

Siren Alarm

The iPhone speaker plays a siren alarm sound to help people locate you in an emergency.

Voice, text, & email notifications

Emergency contacts are notified by voice, SMS, and email messages identifying the type of emergency.

Worker-down detection

Looks for inactivity that may indicate someone has become unconscious. Easy to turn on and off.

Automatic call backs

Emergency contacts are given an opportunity to automatically call you back in an emergency.

Scheduled check-ins

Provides alarm coverage with no Internet when a person schedules where they will be and miss a check-in.

Automatic big fall detection

Big falls are from the 4th rung of a ladder or higher, or falls with a big impact.

Organization dashboard

Enterprises use the online dashboard to manage access, monitor usage, and respond to emergencies.

Automatic small fall detection

Small falls can be detected from standing and sitting positions when there is lack of motion after a small fall.

Consolidated billing

Organizations can have all employees and contractors protected and receive a single consolidated monthly bill for easy payment.

Group 3
Emergency Check-Ins

Request a required check-in during a critical situation. Send by location or group/team.

Safety Made Simple. Protect. Detect. Notify. With fast setup and easy use, powerful protection is now something organizations can offer all of their workers.
WorkerSafety Pro Learn More iPhone 6s. Identify periods of Inactivity.
WorkerSafety Pro Learn More iPhone 6s. Time based check ins.
WorkerSafety Pro Learn More. Intelligent Fall Detection.
WorkerSafety Pro Home screen iPhone 8. Monitoring for worker down, falls, and check-ins.
WorkerSafety Pro Worker Down Alert iPhone 6s. Send all clear to emergency contacts.

Easy to setup

Setup an account in minutes by entering your info and your emergency contact info.

Easy to use

For regular use just start it and forget it. It runs reliably in the background and can be paused.

You are in control

Customizable countdown time before an alarm and alerts are sent.

Keep contacts informed

Send  All-Clear alerts to let your emergency contacts know you are OK.

Easy administration. Manage your organization from the powerful online dashboard.

Safety Dashboard for managing organizations using FallSafety solutions on iMac Pro.

Manage your organization

Managing your organization is easy with support for hierarchical organizations, emergency contacts per group and team, and efficient adding of new members.

Apple Watch fall detection and more. Wearable safety that allows you to be protected with just your watch when you have an Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch Series 5, Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch Series 7 with GPS + Cellular. Compatible with Apple Watch Series 3 and newer.

WorkerSafety Pro launch screen Apple Watch.
WorkerSafety Pro Learn More Apple Watch. Alert Demo.
WorkerSafety Pro Scheduled Check-in settings Apple Watch
Apple Watch Work Safety with WorkerSafety Pro.
WorkerSafety Pro Fall Alert Countdown Timer Apple Watch. Send for help.
WorkerSafety Pro Fall Alert Apple Watch. Send all clear to emergency contacts.
WorkerSafety Pro Fall Alert Apple Watch. Send all clear to emergency contacts.

Apple Watch fall notifications and alerts. WorkerSafety Pro is easy to use when running in the background on an Apple Watch. Tap on notifications to control alarms and message contacts.

Emergency Check-Ins, Scheduled Check-Ins, Worker Down, Fall Detection, and Panic Button​

Try WORKERsafety PRO for free. No credit card required.

Top Questions

WorkerSafety Pro is currently available for iPhone 6s, iPhone SE, and newer.

FallSafety Pro, which contains much of the same functionality, is available for Android.

WorkerSafety Pro costs $9.99 per protected person per month.

You can compare pricing and other solutions we offer on the pricing page. Volume discount pricing is available.

You may have up to five (5) emergency contacts for each group or team in your organization.

Yes. WorkerSafety Pro and the other solutions that we offer do support Apple Watch working standalone.

An internet connection is required, and this can be provided by an Apple Watch with LTE built-in or a Wi-Fi connection, or having the paired iPhone within bluetooth range.

Large fall detection may detect a fall without inactivity (lack of motion) after a fall. Small falls require up to 10 seconds of inactivity in order to see if a person was able to get up. This helps prevent false alarms for small falls.

No. Automated systems like WorkerSafety Pro are not allowed to call emergency services directly. Instead, please add emergency contacts that can assess the situation and decide if they would like to call emergency services.

Also, a 24/7 call center option will be available in the future.

WorkerSafety Pro is in use and works in many countries. 

Since WorkerSafety Pro comes with a 10-day free trial, please download, setup, and test WorkerSafety Pro to make sure it meets your needs.

If you have any questions during testing, please contact

Yes. WorkerSafety Pro shares your location in the event of an emergency.

Important: WorkerSafety Pro does not share your location at other times. There are automatic check-ins every 10 minutes to let the safety service know you are running the solution. These check-ins do not include location.

Yes. WorkerSafety Pro scales to thousands of people using the safety solution. The online dashboard allows for easy administration by location, workgroup, specialty, and other ways of organizing the workers that are protected for easy administration.

Please ask us about our spreadsheet import option to add many people at once.

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