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Stay healthy. Stay safe.

LoneWorker Pro Home screen Apple Watch. Monitoring for worker down inactivity and check-ins.
LoneWorker Pro Home screen iPhone X. Monitoring for worker down inactivity and check-ins.

LoneWorkerPro provides peace of mind to those whose daily tasks require them to face workplace hazards, unfamiliar environments, and social risks without the safety net of nearby co-workers.

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Automatically notify emergency contacts according to safety protocols

FallSafety Home Safety Ring Icon

Remote team management tools advance safety goals and ensure usage

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Scheduled check-ins work even without an internet connection

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Daily start-up reminders ensure worker protection

  • Designed for individuals who frequently work alone
  • Enhances existing safety protocols and best practices
  • Silent alarms help 
address social risks
  • Trusted by home health care workers, social service workers, real estate agents, service techs and other skilled professionals whose jobs put them at risk

Scheduled Check-Ins + Worker Down Mode

Try LONEWORKER PRO for free. No credit card required.

LoneWorker Pro Launch Screen iPhone X.

Easy To Use

Individuals or staff safety administrators can setup one or hundreds of accounts in just minutes. LoneWorker Pro runs effortlessly in the background, sipping resources while remaining alert for emergencies.

Scheduled Check-Ins

Easily set and confirm check-ins to provide peace of mind and confirmation that team members are safe, especially useful in areas where WiFi and/or cellphone service are unreliable or unavailable.

Silent Alerts Option

Your organization or personal emergency contacts are notified after a countdown allowing you to control the alarm and notifications, especially in sensitive social situations. With LoneWorker Pro, you are in control.

10-day Free trial

Go ahead, try LoneWorker Pro yourself or with your team for 10 full days. Test all of the features under actual conditions and begin to experience for yourself the benefits of peace of mind.

Apple Watch missed check-in and worker down detection. Wearable safety that allows you to be protected with just your watch when you have an Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch Series 5, or Apple Watch Series 6 with LTE.

Apple Watch LoneWorker Pro. Safety working alone.

Apple Watch fall notifications and alerts. LoneWorker Pro is easy to use when running in the background on an Apple Watch. Tap on notifications to control alarms and message contacts.


Group 5
Send for Help button

Use the built-in panic button to send for help to your emergency contacts anytime you need help.

Scheduled check-ins

Provides alarm coverage with no Internet when a person schedules where they will be and miss a check-in.

Voice, text, & email notifications

Emergency contacts are notified by voice, SMS, and email messages identifying the type of emergency.

Worker-down detection

Looks for inactivity that may indicate someone has become unconscious. Easy to turn on and off.

Automatic call backs

Emergency contacts are given an opportunity to automatically call you back in an emergency.

Organization dashboard

Communities, healthcare providers, and organizations can administer members using FallSafety solutions.

Siren Alarm

The iPhone speaker plays a siren alarm sound even when headphones are plugged in to help people find you.

Consolidated billing

Organizations can have all employees and contractors protected and receive a single consolidated monthly bill for easy payment.

Group 3
Emergency Check-Ins

Request a required check-in during a critical situation. Send by location or group/team.

Safety Made Simple. Protect. Detect. Notify. With simple and fast setup, and designed to start and forget until needed, fall protection is now easy and affordable.

LoneWorker Pro Learn More iPhone 6s. Check-in Detection without connection.
LoneWorker Pro Learn More iPhone 6s. Notify your emergency contacts.
LoneWorker Pro Learn More iPhone 6s. Location Privacy.
LoneWorker Pro Home screen iPhone 8. Monitoring for worker down inactivity and check-ins.
LoneWorker Pro Missed Check-In Alert Countdown on iPhone 6s
LoneWorker Pro Missed Check-In Alert iPhone 6s. Help Requested.
LoneWorker Pro Missed Check-In Alert iPhone 6s. Send all clear to emergency contacts.

Easy to setup

Setup an account in minutes by entering your info and your emergency contact info.

Easy to use

For regular use just start it and forget it. It runs reliably in the background and can be paused.

You are in control

Customizable countdown time before an alarm and alerts are sent.

Keep contacts informed

Send  All-Clear alerts to let your emergency contacts know you are OK.

Top Questions

LoneWorker Pro provides automatic fall detection for Apple Watch and iPhone. It also provides high heart rate detection and a Send for Help button that can be used anytime to request help.

Yes.LoneWorker Pro calls emergency contacts using an automated phone message. This phone system also automatically connects emergency contacts with people usingLoneWorker once the message has played.

LoneWorker also sends text and email alerts to emergency contacts when help is needed.

LoneWorker Pro has been tuned to detect big and small falls. Small falls are standing and sitting falls, while big falls are from the 4th rung of a ladder and higher.

To help reduce false alarms, small falls require up to 10 seconds of inactivity, to validate a fall. This allows a person time to start getting up, if they are able.

LoneWorker Pro monitors for high heart rate when a person is at rest. If the heart rate is too high, a countdown begins and emergency contacts are notified if the countdown completes.

LoneWorker Pro tracks and sends a person’s location only in the event of an emergency. Location is periodically updated on the device in the event location is needed for an emergency. However, it is not sent unless an emergency countdown completes.

LoneWorker Pro monitors activity looking for falls. When the sensors on the phone see certain patterns, the motion activity may indicate a fall and an alarm countdown begins.

LoneWorker Pro does provide a daily check-in service at this time.

LoneWorker Pro does not track fitness. Activity is tracked looking for falls.

Using an Apple Watch for fall detection is optional. If an Apple Watch is desired, an iPhone is required to setup the Apple Watch. Once an Apple Watch is setup and running with LoneWorker Pro, as long as it is connected to the Internet using Wi-Fi or LTE (Apple Watch Series 3 or newer with LTE), then the iPhone does not need to be carried.

Yes. Since the bathroom is the #1 location of falls for older adults, it is recommended that the waterproof Apple Watch be worn in the bathroom and shower.

Yes, the Apple Watch, when used, is submersible in a sink if it is an Apple Watch Series 2, 3, or 4.

Please see About Apple Watch water resistance  for more information. 

LoneWorker Pro for iPhone and Apple Watch both require an internet connection. This allows LoneWorker to reach the FallSafety Service and alert emergency contacts in the event of an emergency.

Please note that other FallSafety solutions including LoneWorker Pro and WorkerSafety Pro allow for scheduled check-ins which will alarm without an internet connection.

LoneWorker Pro runs on an iPhone for 14+ hours and an Apple Watch for 13+ hours with normal use. 

There is an advanced technique to save additional battery life when using an Apple Watch for fall detection. Please email support@fallsafetyapp.com to learn more about this advanced technique, if needed.

Yes, it is best if you automatically or regularly update LoneWorker Pro for both your iPhone and your Apple Watch, if you have one.

This ensures you have the latest improvements and bug fixes.

Setting up LoneWorker Pro for your iPhone and Apple Watch, if you have one, is fast and easy.

Starting with your iPhone, LoneWorker Pro can be setup in just a few minutes when used by individuals. When used by organizations, people can be added quickly and easily using the online dashboard or by using a spreadsheet import.

Setting up an Apple Watch takes seconds once LoneWorker Pro is setup on an iPhone.

Yes, LoneWorker Pro allows for up to 5 emergency contacts.

Emergency contacts can be family members, professional caregivers, and community support staff.

LoneWorker Pro comes with a 10-day free trial. No credit card is required.

By paying for a subscription at any time, you get the emergency response you need from your emergency contacts. Your emergency contacts will be notified by voice, text, and email, when help is needed.

If you are part of an organization, and require more time to test our solution, please let us know.

A 24/7 emergency response call center option is coming soon.

Please let us know you are interested in this option by emailing support@fallsafetyapp.com.

Private information is protected by FallSafety. Your information is not sold and is only used to provide the safety service.

Read more about the Privacy Policy.

LoneWorker Pro is free with one emergency contact.

Paid subscription options are available for more emergency contacts, and a 24/7 emergency response call center.

FallSafety does not charge for alerts.

Please note that some cellular companies may charge for voice, text, or email alerts that are delivered to emergency contacts.

No. LoneWorker Pro does not have hidden fees for its service.

If you choose to subscribe to the FallSafety service for additional benefits including more emergency contacts, the cost will be clearly shared with you as part of the optional subscription.

LoneWorker Pro is available and tested in many countries.

Please download, install, and test LoneWorker Pro using the built-in test feature. If there are any issues with testing FallSafety in your country, please email support@fallsafetyapp.com.

We do not have a referral program at this time.

Want to know the differences between
FallSafety Pro, LoneWorker Pro, and WorkerSafety Pro?


Per person, per month

Protects people who may have standing or sitting falls.

May be used for free with one emergency contact.


Per person, per month

Protects people who work at height


Per person, per month

Protects people who work alone in locations with and without cellular or Wi-Fi coverage


Per person, per month

Comprehensive protection for workers from dangerous environmental, health, and social hazards

Immediate assistance

Panic button

Voice, text, & email alerts

Emergency contact groups

Automatic call backs

Siren alarm on device

Emergency communication

Emergency messages

Emergency check-ins

Administrator managed

Requests worker check-ins

Notifications with SMS fallback

Scheduled check-ins

In-app scheduled check-ins

Satellite phone check-ins

Automatic fall detection

Big fall detection

Small fall detection

* for iPhone and Apple Watch,
not available for Android

Worker down detection

Inactivity detection

Table detection (auto-pause)

Other benefits

iPhone support

Apple Watch support

Android phone support

Organization dashboard

Individual dashboard

Local dispatcher lookup

Consolidated Billing

Scheduled Check-Ins + Worker Down Mode

Try LONEWORKER PRO for free. No credit card required.

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