Extend Ladder Safety

FallSafety automatically detects falls and speeds response. Start your free trial today!

FallSafety Pro iPhone Fall Notification Sent

Recent data reveals the all too real risk of work-related ladder falls, with 34,000 trips to the emergency room and over 15,000 injuries resulting in more than 1 day away from work. FallSafety Pro speeds response by automatically alerting emergency contacts in case of an accident, increasing the odds for a more positive outcome.

Automatic Fall Detection In Your Pocket!

FallSafety Pro home screen iPhone 8. Monitoring for and fall detection.

Always Active

No Buttons to push, FallSafety is always ready to send for help.

FallSafety Pro Fall Alert Android. Countdown timer.

Count Down Alarm

When a fall is detected, users have 45 seconds to signal “I am ok” before help is summoned.

FallSafety Pro Settings iPhone 8

Configure to your needs

Alert up to 3 contacts of your choice
by an email and text notification
and a phone call during a real fall

Get Protected today

Available for iPhone and Android starting at $4.99.

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