How it works

How it works

Leverage powerful technology in your phone to keep you and your team safe

FallSafety Pro monitors for falls using the sensors built into your iPhone or Android phone. Using an advanced fall detection algorithm, the accelerometer, and other device sensors, FallSafety Pro accurately detects falls while limiting false alarms.
FallSafety Pro also detects person-down events.

Automatic fall detection

Leveraging the incredible power of internal sensors in your iPhone and many Android devices FallSafety Pro detects falls and automatically summons help.

After a fall is detected, an alarm sounds and the worker has 45 seconds to signal they are ok before emergency contacts are alerted.

If an alarm is not cancelled, FallSafety Pro triggers a phone call, email, and text to the worker’s emergency contacts.

Automatic fall detection immediately after a fall

Designed to eliminate false alarms

Precise GPS location information is transmitted for fast response

FallSafety Pro Home screen iPhone 6s. Monitoring for fall detection.
FallSafety Pro Emergency Contacts Android

Configure emergency contacts in seconds

Emergency contacts are entered during setup by the end user or centrally by a company’s Safety Officer or administrator.

Updating information across a company or for an individual user is incredibly easy and takes only seconds to perform and deploy.

Up to 3 emergency contacts

Easy to manage and update

Becomes a valuable part of your fall safety protocol

Emergency contacts will be alerted immediately

In the event of a fall, FallSafety Pro springs into action to provide for a fast response.

The service matches you with your current emergency contact(s) and automatically sends alerts.

Emergency notifications identify you and your specific location to your emergency contact(s).

Sends emails identifying fall location with a detailed map and pushpin

Sends text notification with a link to a detailed map with a pushpin

Sends automated phone call notification and call connection to the worker’s phone

FallSafety Pro Fall Alert iPhone 6s. Emergency Contact Notified.
FallSafety Pro Settings iPhone 8

Constant protection with silent safety check-ins

The FallSafety Pro app automatically checks in every 10 min to ensure the app on the phone is operating and capable of communicating in case of an emergency.

Be alerted when you are entering areas without cell and/or internet service.

Ensure the app is running 24/7 fall protection every day, as needed Improve safety by improving your safety awareness

Safety Dashboard

The FallSafety Service includes access to our feature-rich Safety Dashboard. This clean and easy-to-use portal provides at-a-glance information and real-time updates on the safety of your workers in the field. 
Quickly add, update and deploy emergency contact information to individual workers or across the entire organization. 

Quickly confirm team safety, app usage and system status Valuable reporting tools support company safety policies and procedures Centrally manage licenses and billing

FallSafety Dashboard Overview

Response Tools

Once an alert is triggered, the FallSafety Service sends a text message and email with worker’s name, phone number and a detailed map to their emergency contacts.

With one-click, recipients can connect to GPS-enabled driving directions tools built into their smartphone to reach the accident scene even faster.

Apple Watch

Apple’s latest communication device becomes an integrated part of the FallSafety experience, acting as a remote control to provide more convenient access to the alert countdown clock as well as easier access to incoming calls when your phone is in range.

Works with your iPhone to extend the app experience Provides even easier access to fall alarms Answer incoming emergency response calls
FallSafety Pro Fall Alert iPhone 6s. Countdown timer.
FallSafety Service Emergency Notification Text Message

Fall alerts save lives

Individuals and organizations commit thousands of hours and spend millions on safety training and prevention measures, yet there are still 210,000 injuries and 650 deaths from falls each year.

Nearly half of these are in construction and many are preventable. If you work alone, it’s especially important to have a backup plan. Wear your harness, tie in, keep FallSafety in your pocket! FallSafety, we have your back!

Peace of mind for just pennies a day No additional equipment required. Use the phone you already have! Help when you need it most

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