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Stay healthy. Stay safe.

Apple Watch Fall Detection with FallSafety Home.
FallSafety Home Fall Alert Countdown Timer Apple Watch. Send for help.

With intelligent fall detection and automatic alerts for emergency assistance. FallSafety Home works seamlessly to provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind about your well-being.

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Peace of mind for users and caregivers

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Easy to setup
Easy to use

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Notifies emergency contacts

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Get help when you need it most

  • Supports an active and independent lifestyle
  • Uses proven technology
  • No ugly pendants or necklace, removes the  social stigma
  • Community and organization support
  • 24/7 professionally monitored call center support — coming soon

Automatic Fall Detection + Emergency Alerts

Try Fallsafety home for free. No credit card required.

FallSafety Home Apple Watch.
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Easy to Use

You or a caregiver can setup an account for free in minutes. Once setup, test the app to learn how it works. Then, FallSafety Home runs in the background.

Automatic Fall Detection

You choose if you would like FallSafety Home to detect big and small falls. Big falls are from the 4th rung of a ladder and higher. Small falls are from standing or sitting height followed by inactivity.

Medical alert

Your organization or personal emergency contacts are notified after a countdown allowing you to control the alarm and notifications. With FallSafety Home, you are in control.

Free Emergency Contact

You can use FallSafety Home for free. When you get started, your first emergency contact is free. There is a small cost for adding more emergency contacts.

Apple Watch fall detection and high heart rate detection. Wearable safety that allows you to be protected with just your watch when you have an Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 4, or Apple Watch Series 5 with LTE.

Compatible with Apple Watch Series 2, Series 3, Series 4, and Series 5.

FallSafety Home launch screen Apple Watch.
FallSafety Home Learn More Apple Watch. Introduction Video.
FallSafety Home Learn More Apple Watch. Alert Demo.
FallSafety Home home screen Apple Watch Framed
FallSafety Home Fall Alert Countdown Timer Apple Watch. Send for help.
FallSafety Home Fall Alert Apple Watch. Send all clear to emergency contacts.
FallSafety Home Fall Alert Apple Watch. Send all clear to emergency contacts.


Send for Help button

Use the built-in panic button to send for help to your emergency contacts anytime you need help.

Automatic big fall detection

Big falls are from the 4th rung of a ladder or higher, or falls with a big impact.

Voice, text, & email notifications

Emergency contacts are notified by voice, SMS, and email messages identifying the type of emergency.

Automatic small fall detection

Small falls can be detected from standing and sitting positions and inactivity after a fall to alarm.

Automatic call backs

Emergency contacts are given an opportunity to automatically call you back in an emergency.

Organization dashboard

Communities, healthcare providers, and organizations can administer members using FallSafety solutions.

Siren Alarm

The iPhone speaker plays a siren alarm sound even when headphones are plugged in to help people find you.

Individual dashboard

Users, their family members, and caregivers can access the web dashboard to see usage and events.

Safety Made Simple. Protect. Detect. Notify. With simple and fast setup, and designed to start and forget until needed, fall protection is now easy and affordable.

FallSafety Home Learn More iPhone 6s. Fall detection.
FallSafety Home Learn More iPhone 6s. Alarm Confirmation.
FallSafety Home Learn More iPhone 6s. Notify your emergency contacts.
FallSafety Home iPhone 8. Monitoring for falls.
FallSafety Home Fall Alert Countdown Timer iPhone 6s. Send for help.
FallSafety Home Fall Alert iPhone 6s. Help Requested.
FallSafety Home Fall Alert Apple Watch. Send all clear to emergency contacts.

Easy setup

Setup an account in minutes by entering your info and your emergency contact info.

Easy to use

For regular use just start it and forget it. It runs reliably in the background and can be paused.

You are in control

Customizable countdown time before an alarm and alerts are sent.

Keep contacts informed

Send  All-Clear alerts to let your emergency contacts know you are OK.

Automatic Fall Detection + Emergency Alerts

Try Fallsafety home for free. No credit card required.

Top Questions

FallSafety Home provides automatic fall detection for Apple Watch and iPhone. It also provides high heart rate detection and a Send for Help button that can be used anytime to request help.

Yes. FallSafety Home calls emergency contacts using an automated phone message. This phone system also automatically connects emergency contacts with people using FallSafety once the message has played.

FallSafety also sends text and email alerts to emergency contacts when help is needed.

FallSafety does not call emergency services (e.g. 911).

FallSafety Home has been tuned to detect big and small falls. Small falls are standing and sitting falls, while big falls are from the 4th rung of a ladder and higher.

To help reduce false alarms, small falls require up to 10 seconds of inactivity, to validate a fall. This allows a person time to start getting up, if they are able.

FallSafety Home works with Apple Watch Series 2, Series 3, and Series 4.

FallSafety Home monitors for high heart rate when a person is at rest. If the heart rate is too high, a countdown begins and emergency contacts are notified if the countdown completes.

FallSafety Home tracks and sends a person’s location only in the event of an emergency. Location is periodically updated on the device in the event location is needed for an emergency. However, it is not sent unless an emergency countdown completes.

FallSafety Home monitors activity looking for falls. When the sensors on the phone see certain patterns, the motion activity may indicate a fall and an alarm countdown begins.

FallSafety Home does not provide a daily check-in service at this time.

FallSafety Home does not track fitness. Activity is tracked looking for falls.

Using an Apple Watch for fall detection is optional. If an Apple Watch is desired, an iPhone is required to setup the Apple Watch. Once an Apple Watch is setup and running with FallSafety, as long as it is connected to the Internet using Wi-Fi or LTE (Apple Watch Series 3 or 4 with LTE), then the iPhone does not need to be carried.

FallSafety Home is compatible with Apple Watch Series 2 and newer.

Yes. Since the bathroom is the #1 location of falls for older adults, it is recommended that the waterproof Apple Watch be worn in the bathroom and shower.

Yes, the Apple Watch, when used, is submersible in a sink if it is an Apple Watch Series 2, 3, or 4.

Please see About Apple Watch water resistance  for more information. 

FallSafety Home for iPhone and Apple Watch both require an internet connection. This allows FallSafety to reach the FallSafety Service and alert emergency contacts in the event of an emergency.

Please note that other FallSafety solutions including LoneWorker Pro and WorkerSafety Pro allow for scheduled check-ins which will alarm without an internet connection.

FallSafety Home runs on an iPhone for 14+ hours and an Apple Watch for 13+ hours with normal use. 

There is an advanced technique to save additional battery life when using an Apple Watch for fall detect. Please email support@fallsafetyapp.com to learn more about this advanced technique, if needed.

Yes, it is best if you automatically or regularly update FallSafety Home for both your iPhone and your Apple Watch, if you have one.

This ensures you have the latest improvements and bug fixes.

Setting up FallSafety Home for your iPhone and Apple Watch, if you have one, is fast and easy.

Starting with your iPhone, FallSafety Home can be setup in just a few minutes when used by individuals. When used by organizations, people can be added quickly and easily using the online dashboard or by using a spreadsheet import.

Setting up an Apple Watch takes seconds once FallSafety Home is setup on an iPhone.

Yes, FallSafety Home allows for up to 5 emergency contacts.

Emergency contacts can be family members, professional caregivers, and community support staff.

For FallSafety Home, we skip the free trial and offer something even better.

The first emergency contact is free! This allows a person to get started with FallSafety Home with no credit card or concern about being billed later.

If a person wants more benefits from FallSafety, then they may subscribe to a paid subscription plan.

A 24/7 emergency response call center option is coming soon.

Please let us know you are interested in this option by emailing support@fallsafetyapp.com.

Private information is protected by FallSafety. Your information is not sold and is only used to provide the safety service.

Read more about the Privacy Policy.

FallSafety Home is free with one emergency contact.

Paid subscription options are available for more emergency contacts, and a 24/7 emergency response call center (coming soon).

FallSafety does not charge for alerts.

Please note that some cellular companies may charge for voice, text, or email alerts that are delivered to emergency contacts.

No. FallSafety Home does not have hidden fees for its service.

If you choose to subscribe to the FallSafety service for additional benefits including more emergency contacts, the cost will be clearly shared with you as part of the optional subscription.

FallSafety Home is available and tested in many countries.

Please download, install, and test FallSafety Home using the built-in test feature. If there are any issues with testing FallSafety in your country, please email support@fallsafetyapp.com.

While we do not have a referral program at this time , we do have a reseller program for companies that are interested.

Easy administration. Manage your organization or individual accounts from the powerful online dashboard.

Safety Dashboard for managing organizations using FallSafety solutions on iMac Pro.

Manage organization and individual accounts

Managing your organization is easy with support for hierarchical organizations, emergency contacts per group and team, and efficient adding of new members.

Managing individual accounts allows you to see recent activity, emergencies and update account information and emergency contacts.

Apple Watch fall notifications and alerts. FallSafety Home is easy to use when running in the background on an Apple Watch. Tap on notifications to control alarms and message contacts.

FallSafety Home Notification on Apple Watch. Fall detected with send for help prompt.
Apple Watch FallSafety Home Main Notification Screen Framed.
FallSafety Home Notification on Apple Watch. OK signal sent to emergency contacts.

Automatic Fall Detection + Emergency Alerts

Try Fallsafety home for free. No credit card required.