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FallSafety Tree Stand Hunter at risk falling alone

A lightweight tree stand is priceless for getting close to your prey; however, there are health and safety concerns. Falling is a real risk for tree stand hunters because they are often alone. A fall can render the hunter unconscious from impact with the ground or the tree when their harness arrests the fall. Being alone and unconscious is a life-threatening combination.


As cellular coverage spreads into more remote areas, there’s a solution to this problem. A hunter, if injured from a fall, can call for help if they are not unconscious or severely injured enough that it becomes impossible. Because it’s possible that one may not be able to call for help, a fall monitoring system is a good investment.

Fall detection or fall monitoring systems usually require additional equipment and can be expensive. Luckily, a modern smartphone has the sensors and capabilities required by most of these systems. With the right software, an extremely affordable solution is available on this platform.


FallSafety is a smartphone app that can detect falls and alert emergency contacts, as long as cellular service is available. If service (internet) is unavailable, the app will display a message indicating that there is no data connection. For less than $5 a month, a hunter can turn a smartphone into a fall detection system with life-saving value.

FallSafety has been tested with the “Fall Guy” test dummy. Over one hundreds tests have been performed to verify fall scenarios, including unarrested falls, arrested falls, pendulum falls, and sliding falls. More fall testing information is available on the FallSafety Pro website and by email request.


Get fall monitoring now by downloading the app from the App Store and Google Play store, or for more information see the FallSafety Pro website.

“I work on roofs everyday and while I use fall protection (ropes, harness, anchors) running this app gives me great peace of mind…This app runs smoothly in the background with very minimal battery use. I can run all my other apps and stream podcasts and music without any conflict with its performance.”



Get Protected today

Available for iPhone and Android starting at $4.99.

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