Thank you ActiveDay Participants

When we started our industry leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) Fall Detection, we needed people to help us gather movement information for a variety of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). This helps us know what normal activity is for a variety of people. Our Research and Development team put together our ActiveDay app for exactly this purpose. After running the ActiveDay app for four years, along with people who volunteer to share selected data from our four Health and Safety apps, we now have a regular stream of useful movement data meeting our goal of continuous improvement.

With the many improvements made to our four Health and Safety apps, including allowing people to opt in to share data from their iPhone, Android phone, and Apple Watch, we are now closing our research only app called ActiveDay. A big thank you to all our research participants! We appreciate you helping us improve our automatic fall detection.

Thank you,

The Team at Tidyware

“I work on roofs everyday and while I use fall protection (ropes, harness, anchors) running this app gives me great peace of mind…This app runs smoothly in the background with very minimal battery use. I can run all my other apps and stream podcasts and music without any conflict with its performance.”



Get Protected today

Available for iPhone and Android starting at $4.99.

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