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Privacy First Protection

Tidyware, the makers of WorkerSafety Pro, LoneWorker Pro, FallSafety Pro, and FallSafety Home, is a privacy first company. That means we consider privacy a fundamental human right. We design Health and Safety products to protect your privacy and give you control over your information. WorkerSafety Pro, LoneWorker Pro, and FallSafety Pro are robust, privacy first products. These products put you first, keep your location private, and give you control of when location is shared during an emergency. … Read More

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LoneWorker Pro arrives on Android

LoneWorker Pro protects people who work alone and whose daily tasks require them to face workplace hazards, unfamiliar work environments, and social risks without the safety net of nearby co-workers. Free 10-day fully functioning trial (no credit card required). Contact sales for enterprise trials. Subscribe for $8.99 per month per person.

LoneWorker Pro monitors your location in the background in case of an emergency. Your location is only shared in the event of an emergency. … Read More

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FallSafety Roofing Inspector at risk of falls at height

Lone Workers and how they affect your business

A Lone Worker is an employee who performs an activity that is carried out in isolation from other workers without close or direct supervision. Such staff are exposed to increased risk because there is no one to assist them.

The largest safety hazard to Lone Workers is the risk of falling … Read More

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Window cleaner at risk from ladder fall who could use FallSafety

Washing Windows Alone at Height

A professional window cleaner is no stranger to ladders and often has to work alone. Even if cleaning with a water fed pole system, skylights and other windows need to be cleaned from a ladder or from a roof. Even with the buddy system when working in pairs there is a risk of an undetected fall. Many times a person cleaning windows inside would not see or hear a person cleaning windows outside if they were to fall. … Read More

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