FallSafety Year in Review

Our Apple Watch Fall Detection shipped in September to help protect people at work and at home. Apple Watch Series 2, 3, and 4 are supported. We are now ready to take our industry leading fall detection to more devices.

FallSafety Apple Watch alerts and alarms protect people from more than falls. We also support heart rate monitoring. See our powerful Apple Watch solutions for how they connect people with help when they need it.

New worker safety and iPhone personal safety apps were released throughout the year, with more safety protocols and capabilities. WorkerSafety Pro, LoneWorker Pro, and FallSafety Home joined FallSafety Pro for the benefit of people working in large organizations or working alone including health care professionals.

The FallSafety dashboard was upgraded to make central management of thousands of users in a multi-tiered hierarchical organization easier and faster. The Dashboard makes quick work of onboarding, management, and safety monitoring for organizations.

New safety functionality named “Scheduled Check-Ins” protects people even when they are offline. This allows remote workers and people in areas with poor or no internet connectivity to remain protected throughout the day. Companies appreciate knowing that their employee safety is being checked throughout the day.

Android FallSafety Pro safety app improvements were released too including worker down (man down) detection and a Send for Help (panic) button.

As we enter 2019, we look forward to protecting more people at work and at home as well as helping companies reduce risk. We have now provided over 2.5 million hours of safety monitoring.

To learn more, contact us at info@fallsafetyapp.com.

“I work on roofs everyday and while I use fall protection (ropes, harness, anchors) running this app gives me great peace of mind…This app runs smoothly in the background with very minimal battery use. I can run all my other apps and stream podcasts and music without any conflict with its performance.”



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