Reasons You Are Getting Start App Reminders

Your Phone Has Turned Off Since You Last Launched The App


If you turn your phone off, or it turns itself off, then FallSafety Pro will not be running when you turn the phone back on. You will need to launch the app each time you turn your phone on because it cannot start itself. To launch the app, find the FallSafety Pro icon on the home screen and tap it.

Location is Off

FallSafety Pro Location Access Request
FallSafety Pro home screen location indicator off

If you do not have location enabled, FallSafety Pro will stop running in the background. Check to see if you have location enabled for FallSafety Pro. To do this go to Settings > Privacy. Check to see if Location Services is turned On. If Location Services is off, turn Location Services on. If Location Services is on, tap on Location Services and scroll down to FallSafety Pro and make sure Allow Location Access is set to Always for FallSafety Pro.

FallSafety iOS Settings Location Services Off
FallSafety iOS Settings Location Services Always On

Important: iOS will occasionally ask you if you would like to continue allowing FallSafety Pro to use your location in the background. For FallSafety Pro to work you need to select Continue when prompted about allowing location use in the background.


Background App Refresh Is Off

FallSafety iOS Settings Background App Refresh Off
FallSafety iOS Settings Background App Refresh On

Background app refresh needs to be enabled for FallSafety Pro to continue monitoring while the screen is off or the app is in the background. To check if background app refresh is on, go to Settings > FallSafety Pro and ensure that Background App Refresh is turned on.

No Internet Connection

FallSafety Pro No Data Connection Warning

If you don’t have an internet connection around the time FallSafety Pro is scheduled to start monitoring for the day, you will receive a start app reminder. This is because the app was not able to check-in and tell the FallSafety Service that fall detection monitoring has started.

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